How to Throw a Memorable Gender Reveal Baby Shower

How to Throw a Memorable Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Expecting a new addition to your family? It is one of the most exciting journeys of discovering the gender of your baby. Planning a gender reveal baby shower is a perfect way to include your loved ones in this joyful moment.

Throwing a baby shower needs your full attention and days of planning ahead of the function. In addition, you need to be careful to execute the event flawlessly. But if it's your first baby, you are probably excited, confused, and terrified at the same time.

Here, you'll walk through the details of throwing a baby shower that your guests will remember for years. You'll learn tips on choosing themes, selecting beverages, decorating venues, and a special gender-revealing ceremony.

So, read on and make your Gender Reveal (Baby Shower) extra special for your loved ones and yourself.

Planning the Gender Reveal Party

When planning a gender reveal baby shower, the first step is to decide on the basics. Several essential factors must be considered, from the date and time to the guest list and venue.

Choosing the Date and Time

Firstly, you'll need to decide a date and time that works for you and your guests. Typically, gender reveal baby showers are held during the second trimester of the pregnancy, around 18-20 weeks.

This allows you to have enough time to plan and prepare for the event while also ensuring that the gender of your baby can be revealed with certainty.

Deciding on a Venue

Next, consider where you want to hold your gender reveal baby shower. You may host it in your house or a hired location like a restaurant or community center. The ideal place for a small party may be your house. But a bigger space would be more suited if you want to invite plenty of guests.

Creating a Guest List

Once you've decided on a date and venue, it's time to create a guest list. Consider whom you want to invite and if you wish to have an intimate gathering or a larger party. Include your closest family members, friends, and those critical to your partner.

Invitations Sending

Inviting your guests is essential; sending them invitations on time will give them enough time to plan and RSVP. You can send traditional paper invitations or create digital ones using websites like Evite or Paperless Post. You must add the event's place, time, and day to avoid inconvenience for your guests.

Picking the Perfect Baby Shower Theme

Choosing a theme is essential to planning a gender reveal baby shower. The theme sets the tone for the event and ties everything together. Try out the below-mentioned themes for a joyful occasion.

Gender-Neutral Themes

If you want a gender-neutral theme, use a yellow and black theme or a "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star" theme with a celestial motif. Another concept is to use an animal print and greenery "Safari" motif.

Try Pink and Blue Themes

Is it "He or She?" if you feel more at ease with traditional gender-specific hues, a pink or blue theme is an option. A timeless option is a motif with pink and blue accents. You could also opt for a "Little Man or Little Miss" theme with mustaches and bowties for a boy and tutus and bows for a girl.

Unique Themes

Pick a theme that captures your character or hobbies if you're imaginative. For instance, you may choose a theme like "Hawaiian Luau" with tropical decorations and cuisine or "Carnival" with vibrant colors and entertaining activities.

Decorations for the Event

Any baby shower that includes a gender reveal must consist of decorations. They accentuate the event's theme and assist in creating a lively environment. You can avail of Party Corner Baby Shower Decorations Ideas for desired event decor.


A traditional party decoration is balloons. Your balloons can be placed in groups and made their bouquets or used as decorations everywhere.

Foil Balloons

Foil balloons are a popular decoration for gender reveal baby showers. It is also available in letters spelled "boy" or "girl." Moreover, there is an option of letters “He and She” that can be used to throw a party to discover about your new family addition. 

Baby Shower Banner

A baby shower banner is another excellent decoration idea. You can hang it across the room and customize it with the baby's name or the gender reveal message. You could also use a banner with a cute phrase like "Oh baby!" or "Welcome to the world."


You could choose a backdrop that matches your theme or opt for a neutral color like white or beige. You could also add props like balloons, confetti, or a sign with the gender reveal message.

Table Decorations

Finally, remember table decorations. You could add a tablecloth that matches your theme, place settings with coordinating colors, and centerpieces like flowers or small Baby Shower Gifts for your guests.

Entertainment Ideas for a Memorable Gender Reveal Baby Shower

Now, it's time to consider entertainment ideas that will make your event memorable. A baby shower is a unique event that calls for special entertainment to keep guests engaged throughout the celebration.

Here are some entertainment ideas that you can consider for your gender reveal baby shower:

Photo Booth: Set up a photo booth with gender-neutral props like sunglasses, hats, and scarves. Encourage guests to take and share pictures throughout the event on social media.

Baby Shower Games: Set up baby shower games like Baby Bingo, Baby Trivia, and Diaper Changing Race. You can also create personalized games that include the gender reveal theme.

Gender Reveal Pinata: A gender reveal pinata is a fun way to reveal the gender of your baby. Fill the pinata with pink or blue confetti, candies, or small gifts.

Music: You can try different music at your party or go to a live music facility. For that purpose, hiring a musician will be an addition to making your event stand out.

Gender Reveal Ideas

The big reveal is the highlight of any gender reveal baby shower. It's when you and your guests discover if you're having a boy or a girl. Here are some Gender Reveal Ideas to make the big reveal moment memorable and exciting.

Reveal Balloons

It is the most useful option for decorating your gender reveal party. These balloons are filled with confetti or powder that explodes when popped, revealing the gender of your baby. You could also choose helium-filled balloons in pink or blue that float up to reveal the gender.


A gender reveal pinata is another fun option. The pinata is filled with pink or blue confetti, and guests take turns hitting it until it bursts open, revealing the gender of your baby.

Smoke Bombs

For the big reveal, smoke bombs are a novel alternative. When lit, gender-revealing colored smoke from the smoke bombs, which come in pink or blue, is released.


Shirts that say "Team Boy" or "Team Girl" are a humorous approach to identifying the gender. Before disclosing your gender, you and your spouse can wear the shirts and ask your visitors to guess which team you two are on.

Wrap Up

Throwing a unique Gender Reveal (Baby Shower) involves proper planning, from choosing the date and venue to selecting a theme and decorations.

Several options include choosing gender-neutral or classic pink and blue themes and employing balloons, foil balloons, banners for the baby shower, and backdrops as decorations.

Lastly, you can make the big reveal moment unforgettable by using reveal balloons, pinatas, or cakes. All these things can make your special day even more beautiful.

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