About Us

Our Mission

Dedicated to assisting parents facing the challenges of orchestrating flawless birthday celebrations for their children, our mission is encapsulated in "Party Bag." This thoughtfully curated box serves as a comprehensive solution, providing everything essential to craft the ultimate birthday party experience.


Our Story

After days of searching, I finally found the perfect solution for my children's birthday party. It was important to me to provide a memorable celebration for my kids, and I wanted to make sure everything was taken care of. That's when I realized there was a need for a company like ours, to offer parents the same stress-free solution for their child's special day.

What we do

We offer birthday party sets that include everything to help you to have the perfect party for your beloved ones. Our sets include decorations, cutlery, and other necessary accessories for the party.
We are following the US/EU manufacturing standards and quality in our products.

Our Vision

Our goal is to work alongside local guardians to ensure that our little ones have the highest possible standard of living.

Core Values

Provide our kids with the highest quality of life.
Our customers are our priority.
Deliver quality at affordable prices
Variety of our offerings