Unicorn Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas

11 Adorable Unicorn Birthday Decorations and Party Ideas

Unicorn decoration ideas and celebrations are fun for kids of all ages. Because of the fantastical nature of this birthday theme, it's a lot of fun to pick out decorations for the party. Here are some of the best unicorn birthday decoration, party ideas, and dessert suggestions for a magnificent, one-of-a-kind unicorn birthday party to make your event unforgettable.

11 Unicorn Birthday Party Ideas and Decorations

Want to know the secret to making your unicorn party a reality? To help you have the best unicorn-themed bash possible, we've compiled a list of our favorite unicorn birthday decorations and party ideas.

Unlimited Custom Lanyards & Enamel Pins

Personalized lanyards are a great way to add a special touch to your unicorn party theme ideas. Custom enamel pins, including your unicorn artwork, can be made for any occasion or image. Your child's pals can admire the beautiful personalized enamel pins you made for their upcoming birthday all day and night.

Each youngster who attends the party can take home a unique souvenir in the form of a personalized lanyard and enamel pin. The fact that they were custom-made with the kid's name, photo, or anything else printed on them made them much more meaningful to the kid and left a lasting effect on the attendees.

Wing-it Unicorn Cake 

One of the most essential elements of any birthday party is the cake, and this magical drip cake is the perfect way to celebrate in true unicorn fashion. All the elements of a unicorn motif are present. The gold horn is long and shiny, and the wings feature a beautiful, detailed pattern. The ideal cake decoration for the little ones.

Open the Secret of the Unicorn Cake!

This fantastic cake is the next item on our suggestions for a magical unicorn birthday party. So, if you don't want to create or buy a complete cake but want to amaze your visitors with your creativity, a pull-apart cake is the way to go. This one will give the gathering an air of mystery.

The bright unicorn on top will capture the attention of children. They will squeal with delight when they pull out their cupcake and bite into the multicolored sprinkles. Thanks to the cake's thoughtful design, the kids will never forget this milestone birthday.

Invite Guests with Unicorn Balloon Arch Style 

The "wow!" effect at a unicorn birthday decoration can be amplified with balloon arches. They're fun to make and much simpler than they look. More importantly, they will make your tiny unicorns feel instantly magical. Use your imagination with this balloon unicorn craft.

Everyone's a Headband Unicorn

Everyone at your party may feel like a star when you hand out these easy-to-make unicorn headbands. You can either do this now or wait till they become available.

If you're expecting many young guests, you'll appreciate the time you save by making them in advance. On the other hand, you can make it into a crafts activity for older kids. So, they'll be thrilled to make their unique unicorn headbands. Encourage them to let their creativity run free while wearing this headband and channeling their inner unicorn.

The Magical Essentials: Unicorn-Themed Birthday Party

Pretzels are great as party snacks or a hidden gift in guests' goodie bags. The pretzels are shaped like magical unicorns, and their sweet and salty flavors go hand in hand. Your company won't be able to stop talking about them. They're simple to prepare and may be made in advance and kept in the fridge.

Create a Unicorn Mask Invitation to Send to Your Guests

This simple yet adorable unicorn mask is a great way to get your visitors in the unicorn birthday decoration spirit before the festivities begin. Having an invitation you can wear is the coolest thing ever. That you can write all the party information on the back and fit it into a normal envelope makes this size ideal.

Indulge in Bright Unicorn Ice Cream

That's what you call a spoonful of magic. On hotter party days, unicorn ice cream is the perfect dessert. It's a breeze because all you need is regular vanilla and some non-toxic food coloring. That's all it takes to turn regular ice cream into a magical treat. So, give bowls and cones a shot.

DIY Unicorn Pinatas for an Outdoor Party 

The arrival of the piata is the climax of each birthday celebration. People will flock to this adorable unicorn since it is bursting with sweets.

Even though you're doing it yourself, this won't be a short project. The final product, nevertheless, is stunning. This is a great alternative if you're having trouble tracking down a premade unicorn piata in time for the party.

DIY Invitation for a Unicorn Story

The correct invitation might give guests a glimpse into the party's topic. So, look at this cool unicorn invitation that clearly states the party's theme. Those attending will be psyched to don their best suits.

The invitation seems plucked from a fairytale, from the artwork to the colors used. The fact that you can give them your unique style by selecting from various color schemes further adds to their charming qualities.

Warm Up with DIY Unicorn Hot Chocolate

It's not always warm enough to serve ice cream and shakes at a birthday party. Unicorn hot chocolate is the best method to warm up partygoers without sacrificing their good time.

The white chocolate and marshmallows on top, which melt and combine well with the whipped cream, give this dramatic drink a rich, exquisite flavor. Just a pinch of sprinkles becomes a soothing beverage worthy of a unicorn.

Make Your Own Rainbow Unicorn Marshmallows

This recipe provides various options for transforming a regular marshmallow into a whimsical unicorn. Kids at a party will open them open with abandon because of their lovely appearance. You can make each marshmallow burst look like a different kind of unicorn birthday decoration. Then, you can quickly and easily whip up your dip recipe to complement the meal.

Don't Forget to Have Faith in Unicorns

Putting out a sign announcing a birthday celebration is a thoughtful gesture. As the first thing that visitors to your home will notice, it is an important decorative element. Therefore, this sign depicting a unicorn will serve its purpose. It's not blindingly bright, but just enough to draw notice.

Drink Like a Unicorn 

These magical unicorn spectacles are too lovely to ignore. They are just the right size for children, and their design makes incorporating them into an existing theme easy. Because of this, they can be used in a variety of contexts. You won't be drinking from them at the party, do you say? You can trade them for a bottle of expensive wine once the party ends.

Bottom Line

The aforementioned unicorn birthday party ideas should provide an excellent starting point, whether you're searching for a DIY project or just some ideas on what to shop around for. Furthermore, each unicorn themed celebration idea detailed below will surely be a hit with the birthday guest of honor. Just try to picture the delight of your daughter, niece, or small buddy when she sees all the bright ideas you've brought to her birthday celebration.

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